Superintendent’s Message

Dear Shiloh Families, 

As we look forward to our 2017-2018 school year, I just want to make some comments about our school. 

Shiloh is a really, really good school and it has top-notch kids.  Sometimes in our efforts to improve, maintain our standards, and achieve excellence in all things, we forget about what we have. (Maybe I am only speaking for myself as at the staff level we are always focusing on what we can do better). But let me give you a couple examples of why I say our school is a really good school.

North Dakota provides both an Academic Scholarship and a Career and Technical Education Scholarship (“CTE” scholarship). Both are $6,000 scholarships for those seniors who meet the requirements and who attend a North Dakota college, either public or private.  For these scholarships, you must earn a 24 on your ACT test and a 3.0 GPA.  This demonstrates both a work ethic and education that is achieving goals of excellence.  For this school year’s senior’s class, we have 12 students who are on with meeting these requirements, and we have an additional 8-10 students who are close and have a good chance to earn one of these scholarships. This is a very impressive percentage of our students who are excelling in their education.  And beyond these scholarships, it seems every one of our students is doing something that is impressive. 

Another example of Shiloh being the school I wanted my kids to attend is the spiritual component. I have a cartoon where a kid is entering school and he looks up at God and says “ I’ll see you at 3:30”. The ability to incorporate Biblical principles and Biblical world views throughout the day, and the many assurances that come from knowing Jesus and worshiping, praying and seeking to live as He would want, in every class and activity, is a priceless blessing.  Do we fall short? Of course, but to aspire spiritual growth as part of our educational effort and activities is very inspiring. 

Finally, our facilities are incredible. We have a wonderful school building, our Commons is beautiful, our athletic facilities are superb, and we are raising funds for our Fine Arts Performing Center so we can begin construction next summer. Once it is complete, we will have simply one of the most beautiful, practical, and complete facilities of any school, with opportunities for growth.  It is an exciting time for our school, as we added 42 new students in K-12 this year (10% growth), our preschool is full, our staff is excellent, and our school climate is vibrant, enthusiastic, and helpful. Our core values for this year are Value, Faith, Community, Integrity, Courage, Excellence, and Service.  We are anticipating a great year! 


Mike Dwyer