Counseling Corner

Shiloh Christian Counseling Department
Shiloh Christian School has guidance services available to all K-12 students. There is also academic and career planning for 6th-12th graders, as well as elementary counseling lessons and a mentoring program.

What do school counselors do?
Counselors provide a variety of service to students.  The services they provide are for the purpose of ensuring the academic, career, and personal/social growth of all students.  They do so in partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators.  At Shiloh, our school counselors provide these services with deeply held Christian faith.

Counselors provide many services.  Some of these are regular classroom visits, teaching  topics such as friendship skills, conflict resolution skills, responsibility, academic motivation, feeling awareness and management, preventing bullying, goal setting, career paths, and stress management.  These lessons are taught with Scriptural integration.

Counselors provide short-term individual counseling to students.  This can be instituted  for many reasons such as, helping with friendship issues, anger management, coping skills, academic motivation, changing family situations, etc. Individual counseling occurs when the student, his/her parent, teacher, or administrator make a request.

Counselors are available for consultation with parents and teachers regarding a students social, emotional, academic or behavioral concerns.  Sometimes recommendations for other community services are made.

Counselors also provide secondary students with academic planning, class registration, interpreting standardized test scores, college planning, and sometimes scholarship opportunities.

Counselors aid in promoting a safe learning environment for all students.  They are committed helping all students feel happy and successful at school. Parents and students are encouraged to visit with their school counselor about any issue that interferes with a students ability to feel safe and growing academically, spiritually, and socially at school.

Please contact your school counselor with specific questions about services offered or with any concerns about your child.