Elementary School

Shiloh’s elementary rooms are alive with learning opportunities and an environment that nurtures students to grow and develop in body, mind and spirit. We understand how crucial these early years are to your child’s development. At Shiloh we work individually with each student to help them discover their capabilities and reach their personal best. Our strong academic program challenges students to be curious, creative and motivated to achieve. Children are able to explore other talents through music, computers and physical education. Elementary students can also enjoy playground equipment that is available for outdoor activity.

Elementary students at Shiloh will experience daily devotions, weekly chapel, Bible courses and memorization work to help keep their focus on Jesus as they learn and play. Teachers and administration emphasis the importance of living a prayer-filled life by encouraging children to take their cares and hurts to Jesus in prayer, and to nurture this spiritual habit.

Through the blending of a strong academic curriculum with a Christ-centered philosophy, we strive to build the kind of strong character that helps children grow to succeed in all areas of their life. Elementary school sets the stage for lifelong attitudes about learning. We strive to give students a love for learning, a passion for their faith, and the skills they need to reach their full potential and to follow the life God has planned for them.

2018-2019 ES Handbook